Thermostatisation by COMAP

Thanks to thermostatisation, the temperature of the different rooms in a home can be regulated according to the actual heat needs. This ensures the comfort of the inhabitants as well as a better energy performance of the heating installation.


Up to 20% of savings per year on the heating bill

Reducing the energy bill is a priority for everyone. 

On a daily basis, COMAP responds to this challenge by developing solutions that take into account new issues:

  • Optimization of the use of free heat inputs.
  • Improving the comfort of all users of COMAP solutions, thanks to even more precise temperature regulation and controlled heat distribution.
  • Obtaining a perfect balance of the hydraulic system thanks to the relevance and efficiency of its solutions.

Thermostatic valves allow the temperature to be precisely regulated and maintained at the required level. They thus prevent overheating or excessive cooling and improve thermal comfort. This automatic regulation allows savings up to 20% per year on the heating bill.


COMAP can make thermostatisation easier for you

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All of the related documentation (brochures, datasheets…) is also available in our thermostatic range page and in our documentation center.


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