COMAP launches its new multilayer range

07 January 2019

The COMAP Multilayer product range has been expanded and has taken on ingenious details that simplify work site life while ensuring complete network reliability. COMAP's MultiSkin line provides installers with high performance solutions that save time and money.

A range of multilayer fittings

With its new MultiSkin offer, COMAP offers a complete range of multilayer solutions, available in different technologies (crimping, compression and push fit connections) and dimensions (⌀ 14 to 75 mm).
The MultiSkin solution offers a complete range covering all the needs of installers:

In addition, COMAP has updated its BIM library to integrate the BIM objects of the entire new MultiSkin product range.

Smart solutions for installers

The new multilayer COMAP product range has many benefits to make life easier for installers:

  • Heightened performance in systems: hydraulics performances improved by up to 15% according to diameter.
  • Security: immediate verification that a fitting connection is successful through the Visu-Control® technology.
  • Productivity: MultiSkin solutions guarantee an immediate savings in time at installation.
  • Ease in working: multilayer materials are light and easy to transport.

MultiSkin multilayer solutions are suitable for all sanitary and heating installations.

Remember that COMAP's new multilayer range of products is fully compatible with SkinPress press fittings.