Aquatis, COMAP’s new smart solution for drinking water

14 January 2020

With its experience in water treatment, COMAP launches Aquatis, its new smart water ultrafiltration unit. This solution guarantees quality water for the whole family, at the kitchen tap.

A healthy water at every moment

The quality of tap water is a concern for more and more Polish people.

To meet this need, COMAP launches a convenient solution to improve the quality of drinking water, offering an environment-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

Aquatis is easily installed on the cold-water supply, under the main sink of the household.

This new offer of water quality improvement guarantees the household:

  • Healthy water, without bad taste
  • Naturally filtered water that retains all of its original minerals
  • An optimal filtration overtime thanks to the smart control the consumables wear

Enjoy natural water

COMAP's new water quality improvement solution delivers healthy water, without bad taste, every day.

Aquatis filtration technology helps to remove unwanted elements for consumption while retaining the original minerality of water and, therefore, its natural benefits.

The three filters of Aquatis will naturally retain:

  • Sediments and suspended particles
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Bad taste and bad smell of chlorine
  • Bacteria and viruses

The security of a solution that always works

Equipped with a sound indicator and three lights indicators, COMAP's water quality improvement solution gives immediate information on the proper functioning of the filters.

The LEDs wear indicator light up on demand and each time the tap is opened. A sound indicator will inform the user as soon as it is necessary to replace a filter.

With this automatic control, there is no risk of being exposed to bacteria as this may be the case when the filters are not replaced in time. In addition, one minute is enough to replace a used cartridge.

One tap to save supplies

To avoid wasting your cartridges lifetime, Aquatis is available with a dual-entry tap that allows filtered water to be used only when needed. For the dishes the unfiltered water is enough.


Discover the new offer for improving water quality: Aquatis

Well-being, serenity, comfort, compactness, simple maintenance and ecology, Aquatis meets all the needs of households wishing to benefit from healthy water.

To learn more, don’t wait any longer to visit our dedicated page and all our documentation.