MultiSkin, COMAP's new multi-layer offering

Simplicity of use to further performance

COMAP is updating its multi-layer offering to bring simplicity to the day-to-day lives of installers while guaranteeing them increased performance within networks.

MultiSkin multilayer solutions are suitable for all sanitary and heating installations.

All the requirements of the installers are covered thanks to this new complete range:

  • Metal crimp fittings:  ⌀ 14 to 75 mm
  • Synthetic crimp fittings (PPSU): ⌀ 16 to 32 mm
  • Synthetic push fit connections (PPSU) : ⌀ 14 to 26 mm
  • Multilayer pipes: ⌀ 14 to 75 mm

Improve the energy performance of housing

COMAP's new multi-layer offer brings real improvements to energy performance in buildings:

  • Improved hydraulics performance 15% according to diameter.
  • Decrease in energy consumption, directly related to the reduction of pressure losses.

The new MultiSkin range guarantees significant economic and ecological benefits for final consumers.

Guarantees secure connections

The Visu-Control technology® is making the COMAP multilayer solution the most reliable product on the market.

The viewing windows allow to control with the naked eye that the tube is correctly  inserted guaranteeing a connection is waterproof.

On MultiSkin crimp fittings, the Visu-control® ring is detachable and ensures that the tool is properly positioned. The green ring serves as a visual and tactile indicator for crimping.

On the MultiSkin instant fittings, it is the color change of the indicator that indicates that the connection has been made.

Save time and productivity on job sites

Crimping or push fit connection solutions offer immediate time savings at installation.

It takes only seven seconds on average to crimp a fitting, which represents considerable savings in time when making connections.

In addition, MultiSkin fittings are compatible with the main crimping pliers (TH, H, U), making crimping a flexible and efficient solution to adopt.

Find out about the new COMAP multilayer offer

Performance, working comfort, savings in time, COMAP's new multi-layer products meets all the needs of installers, regardless of work site.

MultiSkin solutions are suitable for both renovation and new construction and piping can be either recessed or exposed.