Silent radiators...? It is possible!

COMAP - Senso head
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There is nothing more annoying that a “rattling radiator”…and now COMAP is fixing the problem. Among the benefits of our new thermostatic range: a body that tolerates “assembly error” and makes noisy radiators a thing of the past. Find out how our expertise can provide you with installations that are not only silent but also more efficient and more attractive. 

COMAP has been manufacturing thermostatic heads since the mid-1970s in its Abbeville plant. Our Senso head is now one of the leaders in the market. 
In the early 1980s, COMAP replaced the wax dilation sensors on its thermostatic heads with liquid dilation sensors. The reading of room temperature is much more precise. 
With the release of the first Senso in the early 1990s, COMAP made a large number of improvements, all designed to facilitate installation.
  • The captive integrated stops (no longer removable as on previous models) make it possible to set or limit the temperature value.
  • The protective cap prevents deterioration of the thermostatic heads during site works.
  • The tamper-proof ring prevents disassembly of the head.
The new Senso was introduced onto the market in early 2013.
  • It has all the positives of the previous model, but with significantly improved technical performance of the head. 
  • It also provides a new aesthetic dimension to the product: more design and easier to maintain, the new Senso can be customised through a palette of 12 colour kits. 
The body has also been redesigned. Its mechanics, more precise and more silent, are unique in that they are reversible and thus tolerate “assembly error” (reversal of the direction of movement of the water in the valve, and therefore the radiator).
In most cases, it is “backward” assembly of the thermostatic valve that causes nuisance noise in hot water radiators. And this is how, through the use of COMAP thermostatic assemblies, heating installations are becoming more efficient, more elegant and very quiet!
Contact your closest COMAP subsidiary to find out more about our range of thermostatic heads and bodies. 

What is a thermostatic valve?

  • A unit combining a thermostatic head that measures the room temperature and a body that controls the flow of water ad the mechanical connection of the pipe to the radiator
  • An additional piece of equipment in the central heating control system for a building (house, apartment block, industrial building, commercial building, etc.)
What does it do?
  • The thermostatic assembly makes it possible to individually control the temperature value for each of the emitters (radiators, heated towel rail, etc.). The right temperature in each area!
How does it work?
  • A thermostatic head incorporates a temperature sensor, which measures the room temperature. The liquid contained in the semi-rigid cap of the sensor dilates if it gets too hot or contracts if it gets too cold. 
  • This therefore activates the valve mechanically, and it opens or closes to allow more or less water to circulate in the emitter depending on the desired temperature.