MultiSkin: COMAP multilayer solutions

COMAP - SkinPress System
Product focus

Three times lighter than copper and demonstrating excellent technical properties, multilayer solutions cannot be beaten in terms of value. For this segment, COMAP MultiSkin pipes and connectors are a world apart because of their design and manufacturing quality. 

From the heated floor to the gas, and not forgetting drinking water, heating systems, domestic hot water, rainwater or even compressed air, multilayer solutions address a huge range of problems. 
  • Materials (PEX – aluminium – brass) with recognised performance
  • Pipe and connector systems that are technically finished: VisuControl® crimping system, patented seal, edge-to-edge welding, etc. 
  • All the benefits of crimping: speed, economy of materials, greater comfort and safety during works
  • European manufacture (France, Belgium, Italy)
  • Durability for 50 years
  • Ten-year system guarantee
  • A wide range from diameter 14 to diameter 63 
  • A varied range of practical packaging units
  • “Better” designed products for a facilitated worksite: union connectors for inter-
  • material connection, M22 connectors for connection to thermostatic equipment. 
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