COMAP innovation: more efficient, quicker sanitary piping, thanks to press-fitting

Push-fitting Tectite by COMAP

COMAP's Tectite system has no equal on the market. Take advantage of this proven technique's efficiency and COMAP quality.

With Tectite, you can accelerate your fittings whether you use copper, PEX or carbon steel!

With more than 20 years of use at household and service sites, push-fitting is recognised today for its excellent reliability and its thermal and mechanical durability. Connections are easy to make in places that are hard to reach or where it's not possible to use heavy, cumbersome tools, by simply pushing on the tube inside the fitting.

With COMAP's Tectite range, push-fitting is no longer just for light duty. On the contrary:

  • Exclusive Tectite design minimises size and reduces pressure loss.
  • The high-quality Tectite design guarantees perfectly sealed installations (Tectite carries a 10-year COMAP guarantee).
  • On average, it takes only 10 seconds to deburr, mark the tube and connect the fitting.
  • Tectite® Classic (DZR brass) is demountable and can also be used for temporary installations. This is of interest to installers who need flexibility. Ranging from 10 to 54 mm diameter.
  • Tectite® Carbon (non- demountable) has been designed specifically for carbon steel circuits (commercial and household closed-circuit installations). Ranging from 15 to 54 mm diameter, with COMAP-exclusive Xpress carbon steel pipes.

Tectite fittings are good for mixed installations (partially crimped, partially press-fit assembly) or uniform installations, with copper, PEX or galvanised steel piping.

Le conseil COMAP PRO

Plaque de sortie de cloison ComaplaK

COMAP is innovating on wall fittings. With a desire to always offer the most suitable products, COMAP has focused its expertise on the development of Comaplak, a new generation of wall fitting plate that is easier to install.

With built-in Tectite push fittings, Comaplak allows users to connect piping to the valve system in just a few minutes, with no tools.

Other advantages: Comaplak does not require intermediary fittings (dual threaded connectors with a fixed c-to-c distance) and may easily be used on one outlet (easily connected by hand).

Offered in a complete, ready-to-use kit, Comaplak saves you time and improves ease of installation, with total reliability. It can be found at our professional distribution network partners in France, in sets of five kits.

Learn more about our new wall fitting plate ComaplaK