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Push-fitting Tectite by COMAP

COMAP innovation: more efficient, quicker sanitary piping, thanks to press-fitting

COMAP's Tectite system has no equal on the market. Take advantage of this proven technique's efficiency and COMAP quality
Lead in water, the latest regulation

Lead in water: An update on the latest regulation

The admissible limit of lead in drinking water has recently been reduced considerably.
COMAP - SkinPress System
Product focus

MultiSkin: COMAP multilayer solutions

Three times lighter than copper and demonstrating excellent technical properties, multilayer solutions cannot be beaten in terms of value.

Balancing: an essential and very profitable operation!

Did you know? A properly balanced heating or air-conditioning circuit can achieve a saving of 10% to 35% in the energy consumption of a building*.
COMAP - Senso head
Product focus

Silent radiators...? It is possible!

There is nothing more annoying that a “rattling radiator”…and now COMAP is fixing the problem.