The Komeo water treatment unit is the only solution that descales the installations and purifies the network’s water. It ensures both house protection and optimum drinking water quality through a single device.

For more than 30 years, COMAP has been designing and manufacturing solutions that improve the quality of tap water and contribute to the well-being of living spaces.

The Komeo water treatment unit is available via the professional trading network


  • Protects pipelines and appliances from scaling
  • Removes the bad taste of chlorine
  • Ensures optimal drinking water quality
  • Guarantees water no bacteria or viruses
  • Filters out pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals and manganese
  • Environment friendly: without chemical treatment or salt rejection
  • Detects network leaks
  • Remotely controlled (via the app for tablet and smartphone)


Komeo combines an anti-scaling action, the filtration of micro-pollutants substances and the neutralization of bacteria, while freeing itself from any chemical treatment.

Komeo's electronic anti-scale neutralizes limescale by suppressing its encrusting power while retaining its original minerality (without excess of sodium or calcium deficiency).

The self-cleaning prefilter retains particles suspended in water, prevents the quick clogging of the filters and increases their service life.

The motorized valves allows to open and close the water network and purge the prefilter automatically without disassembling the cartridges.

Two activated charcoal filters retain heavy metals and micro-pollutants present in the water. They capture the excess of manganese. They also remove the bad taste of chlorine.

The unit neutralizes bacteria and viruses, thanks to its UVc lamp. Komeo flow and pressure sensors detect leaks and provide real-time information on water consumption*, network pressure and consumable wear.