Multilayer compression fittings - MultiSkin


TurboSkin equal tee compression fitting brass

The MultiSkin fittings system for multilayer pipe combines all the qualities of plastic and metal solutions.

  • A product range of brass fittings in diameters from 14 to 32 mm.
  • The fittings are made of high quality CW617N brass.
  • Perfect seals provided by EPDM O-rings.

  1. Flattened to hold the body with a flat wrench
  2. EPDM O-rings for a seamless seal
  3. Brass metal parts CW617N compliant with European Union standards
  4. Nickel-plated fitting highly aesthetic and avoids external corrosion (not on parts in contact with water)
  5. Marking the guarantee of product traceability
  6. Plastic washer prevents galvanic corrosion


  • Wide versatility in the range of MultiSkin compression fittings to meet drinking water, heating, chilled water, under floor heating and sanitary installations requirements.
  • An extensive product range to address most hydraulic network configurations.
  • TurboSkin compression fittings can be installed quickly and easily. Two wrenches are all that is need to install this fitting.


MultiSkin compression fittings have been designed for the following applications:

Drinking water
Sanitary hot water
Hot water networks
Under-floor heating and cooling
Chilled water
Solar heating
District heating
Water vapour
Process water
Dry compressed air (oil < 25mg/m3)
Lubricated compressed air (oil > 25mg/m3)


Compatible applications (stay within temperature and pressure limits)

Incompatible applications

For more details on the temperature and pressure ranges for these applications, please refer to the product sheet for this group of products.

MultiSkin compression fittings can be disassembled and cannot be used in built-in environments. They can be used for renovation and new installations.

MultiSkin fittings should be used only with COMAP MultiSkin 2 or MultiSkin 4 pipe.