Thermostatic valves set

thermostatic valves set multilayer compression fitting

The M30 hydro-cabled thermostat kit includes:

  • A fixed-Kv thermostatic body, in M30
  • A lockshield valve with memory

It is particularly suited to two-pipe systems.
It is available in several models for single, double or triple-panel radiators, with a wide variety of connections available.

All COMAP thermostatic bodies and related units are made in France, at the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department.

M30 hydro-cabled thermostat kit benefits

Practical and quick

  • Reliability and time savings on the work site
  • All the necessary equipment to set and connect the radiator, in one package, with one part number.

Excellent performance

  • It combines with the Sensity thermostatic head (which has one of the best flow coefficients on the market) for an installation with excellent energy efficiency.
  • It allows progressive change to flow because the profile of the valve disc allows metal/metal contact with the seat.

M30 hydro-cabled thermostat kit applications

The COMAP M30 hydro-cabled thermostat kit is suited to the following applications: