Senso thermostatic head


White thermostatic head Senso by Comap

Senso is made in France, at the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department.

In 2013, COMAP completely revised the model's design. Senso has been COMAP's flagship model for over 15 years, and has one of the best reputations on the market due to its reliability, precision and responsiveness.

The new generation of Senso carries the tradition forward: it is 100% compatible with COMAP bodies, bringing better efficiency and better design:

  • Its specially designed aerations make it one of the most technically advanced models on the market.
  • We have paid particular attention to its appearance, making it more elegant and modern.
  • Finally, Senso is distinguished by being the very first customisable thermostatic head on the market, thanks to a range of 13 colour kits, which means it will match with any interior style (in offices, commercial spaces, homes, etc.).

Senso is available in M28, M30 and clip.

Senso thermostatic head benefits

Design and aesthetic appeal

  • A contemporary, discreet appearance with stylised apertures
  • Standard version in white, and choice of 13 customised colours
  • An elegant, well-fashioned collar

Excellent performance

  • Liquid sensor ensures dependability, longevity and efficiency (in terms of sensitivity and response time).
  • EN215 certified. TELL rating: A. Vt: 0.38 on M38, and 0.34 on M30

Time savings and tips

  • Limiting and blocking ring on the front face cannot be lost.
  • No tools necessary for assembly or to use temperature-limiting function.
  • Well-designed packaging, shaped as a pot that protects the head from shock, paint and dust until it is received at the work site.

Senso thermostatic head applications

The Senso thermostatic head is suited to the following applications:

Heating systems


Senso thermostatic head accessories



Colour kit available in 13 colours

Stainless, Chrome, Zebra, Tangerine, Purple, Citrus, Ming Red, Pearl, Mauve, Sky Blue, Chocolate, Anthracite, Black






  Anti-tamper ring M28/M30        
  Anti-tamper ring Clip        
  Reinforced anti-tamper ring