Sensity thermostat kit


Thermostatic Sensity set, head valve and distributor

The Sensity thermostat kit includes a COMAP head, a thermostatic body and, optionally, a lockshield valve.
The Sensity thermostatic head unites design and performance. Its newly designed ventilations make this model one of the highest-performing models available. It is therefore one of the most precise and responsive units on the market.

Sensity and the Sensity kit are made in France, in the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department.

Sensity thermostat kit benefits

Sensity thermostatic head:

  • Among the best Vt on the market (0.26 for M30)
  • Liquid sensor ensures dependability, longevity and efficiency (in terms of sensitivity and response time).
  • Temperature-setting system uses a pin. No tools necessary for assembly or to use temperature-limiting function.
  • EN215 certified. TELL rating: A

Thermostatic valve:

  • May be used with flow in both directions
  • No flow noise
  • No vibration
  • Mechanism does not stick in case of prolonged closure.
  • Water-tightness due to dual O-ring ⇒ time-savings

Sensity thermostat kit applications

The Sensity thermostat kit is suited to the following applications:



  • The Sensity thermostat kit is ideal for new-build and renovation projects
  • It is available in M30, in 3/8" and 1/2" versions, and may be installed in all radiator types.
  • Optimal function within a temperature range of -10° C to 50° C.