Central point thermostatic valve FlexoDesign


Central point thermostatic valve FlexoDesign

Central point thermostatic valve set FlexoDesign is a convenient solution to install and is ideal for bringing design to a towel dryer.

This solution can be set on bathroom radiators without integrated valves and is available in two-pipe version.

Connect with copper, mild steel, stainless steel, PEX or multilayer pipe in 3/4" Eurocone, using the appropriate compression fittings.

FlexoDesign is a 4 in 1 solution that is manually transformable and without tools, which allows it to be used in different configurations, whether the pipe is coming from the floor or from the wall.

Central point thermostatic valve FlexoDesign benefits

  • Transformable (straight or angle) without tools
  • Right or left installation for the thermostatic head
  • Reversible inlet outlet
  • Self-sealing
  • Compact design
  • Kit with head, valve and cover in order to get the best design for towel radiator
  • Available in white or chrome
  • Preset Kv for a good adjustment of the flow inside the radiator

Central point thermostatic valve FlexoDesign applications

FlexoDesign thermostatic valves are suited for the following applications:

Heating systems
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0.6 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 110° C sustained/130° C peak