Central point thermostatic & auto-balancing valve – AutoSar Thermod

AutoSar Thermod self-balancing central point thermostatic valve integrates three functions:

  • Auto-balancing (setting/limitation of flow rate)
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Radiator isolation

It includes an internal pressure regulator that maintains a constant differential pressure to achieve a stable flow in central point connection radiators.

It is available in right angle, left angle and straight shapes.

AutoSar Thermod integrates a thermostatic insert allowing an M30 thermostatic head to be connected to it.

This valve is also available in design version with M30 Sensitive head and a stylish design cover, for more see our AutoSar Thermod Design page).

Every COMAP thermostatic valves are manufactured in our Abbeville factory, in France.

AutoSar Thermod self-balancing central point valve benefits

  • Better room temperature control - Increased user comfort
  • Limits legwork calculations: no calculation of Kv coefficient or valve authority
  • Silent installation for the user
  • Quick to install
  • Aesthetics: radiator inlet and outlet are connected to the hydraulic module.

AutoSar Thermod self-balancing central point valve applications

COMAP self-balancing central point thermostatic valves are suitable for the following applications:


Hot water heating with standard characteristics:

  • Maximum operating pressure:  10 bar
  • Minimal differential pressure: 0,1 bar
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0,6 bar
  • Operating temperature: 2°C – 95°C