Auto-balancing thermostatic valve – AutoSar

The hydraulic balancing of the system is used to compensate for uneven flow rates in the installation due to different geometrical characteristics of the individual circuits (different supply lengths, different heights in the distribution between floors of the building, different shapes and thus different fittings etc.). As a result, balancing the system leads to energy and water savings (in the case of plumbing).

In the case of a thermostatic valve with a head, it is the thermostatic valve that regulates the flow through the radiator.

AutoSar dynamic thermostatic valve integrates two functions

  • Standard thermostatic valve function
  • Serves as a flow restrictor - allows you to maintain a constant differential pressure across the valve to achieve a constant (set) flow

AutoSar valve is made in straight and corner design, in 3/8" and 1/2" dimensions

The valves are manufactured in our Abbeville factory, in France.

AutoSar auto-balancing valve benefits

  • Better room temperature control
  • Energy saving as the pump can run in the correct mode
  • Silent installation for the user
  • Quick and easy to install
  • One product with two functions
  • The O-ring on the valve bag facilitates assembly / sealing
  • Easier system calculation
  • Certified EN215 valve

AutoSar auto-balancing valve applications

AutoSar thermostatic valves are suitable for the following applications:


Hot water heating with standard characteristics:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature: 110 ° C
  • Maximum differential system pressure: 60 kPa
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0.6 bar
  • Plug stroke: 2 mm

Complementary products

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