Auto-balancing radiator back panel valve – AutoSar

The AutoSar auto-balancing radiator back panel valve consists of a:

  • Auto-balancing thermostatic valve in M30
  • Lockshield valve with memory

It is the ideal solution for a two-pipe installation on construction site. It exists in a reverse angle version and is available for single and double panel radiators.

The AutoSar radiator back panel valve integrates an internal pressure regulator that maintains a constant differential pressure and therefore a stable flow rate in a radiator with integrated valves.

All COMAP thermostatic valves and heads are manufactured in France by the COMAP factory in Abbeville.

AutoSar auto-balancing radiator back panel valve benefits

  • Quick to install
  • Silent installation for the user
  • Better room temperature control - Increased user comfort
  • Limits legwork calculations: no calculation of Kv coefficient or valve authority
  • Reliability and time saving on construction sites
  • Can be combined with a thermostatic head with one of the best temporal variation on the market: Sensity 0.1

AutoSar auto-balancing radiator back panel valve applications

COMAP auto-balancing radiator back panel valve are suitable for the following applications:


Hot water heating with standard characteristics:

  • Maximum operating pressure:  10 bar
  • Minimal differential pressure: 0,1 bar
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0,6 bar
  • Operating temperature: 2°C – 95°C