Connected and autonomous solutions

To further improve the comfort of users in their homes and to provide them with ever more innovative solutions, COMAP has developed connected and autonomous heating solutions.

COMAP's smart heating solutions allow:

  • Improve comfort in housing
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • To remotely control your heating system
  • Provide recommendations on energy renovation

The COMAP Smart Home heating offer is:

  • A connected version, programmable from a dedicated application
  • An autonomous version, which learns on its own, adapting to the daily habits of residents

The entire COMAP connected heating range is made in France.

What are the differences between connected and autonomous solutions?

Here is the comparative list of the functionalities of the connected and autonomous solutions of COMAP:

  Connected solution Autonomous solution
Remote control X X
Weekly programming X X
Contingency management X X
Calculation of building inertia X X
Renovation assistance X X
Self-learning habits - X
Taking into account the weather - X
Extended absence (vacation) - X