BioPEX pipe for surface heating and cooling

  • Five-layer pipe - PE-X / Adhesive / EVOH / Adhesive / PE
  • The pipe is manufactured in dimensions 16x2, 20x2
  • Different coils of pipes 16x2: 120m, 240m, 600m and 20x2: 150m, 450m
  • The oxygen barrier (EVOH) is covered with a protective layer to prevent damage during transport and installation.
  • The pipe is specially designed for underfloor heating, has excellent technical features


  • 10 years warranty for installations made from this pipe
  • Special construction of the pipe for underfloor heating - five-layer pipe - the oxygen barrier is protected on the surface by another layer of PE
  • Very easy laying of loops
  • Low weight - the tube is light and easy to transport
  • Low inner roughness - low hydraulic resistance