Auto-balancing hydraulic module – AutoSar Mod

AutoSar Mod hydraulic module for integrated radiator valves integrates two functions:

  • Auto-balancing (setting/limitation of flow rate)
  • Radiator isolation

It integrates an internal pressure regulator that maintains the differential pressure at a constant flow in a radiator with integrated valves.

It is available in right angle, design, left angle and straight shapes.

Every COMAP thermostatic valves are manufactured in our Abbeville factory, in France.

AutoSar Mod auto-balancing hydraulic modules benefits

  • Better room temperature control - Increased user comfort
  • Limits legwork calculations: no calculation of Kv coefficient or valve authority
  • Silent installation for the user
  • Quick to install
  • Aesthetics: radiator inlet and outlet are connected to the hydraulic module.

AutoSar Mod auto-balancing hydraulic modules applications

COMAP self-balancing hydraulic modules are suitable for the following applications:


    Hot water heating with standard characteristics:

    • Maximum operating pressure:  10 bar
    • Minimal differential pressure: 0,1 bar
    • Maximum differential pressure: 0,6 bar
    • Operating temperature: 2°C – 95°C