Manual distributor kits


Kit manual valve Comap 437

COMAP manual distributor kits are complete kits for connecting a one-pipe or two-pipe manual system to the radiator.

All COMAP distributors are made in France, at the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department.

Comap manual distributor kit benefits

  • Low pressure drop
  • Simple appearance, for floor supply
  • Complete kit
  • EuroSAR double-adjustment valve, can be used with thermostat
  • Combines supply and return in one unit

The two-pipe system advantage:

  • Can add or remove a radiator
  • System size calculations are very simple
  • No need to balance the system

Comap manual distributor kit applications

COMAP manual distributor kits are suited for the following application:



  • Nominal pressure:  10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 110° C