Tacker systems

Biofloor Tacker systems

The Tacker stapling system uses clips to lay the pipe on the insulation with a printed film. The clips mean the system can be used with all pipe diameters. The pipe can be laid at the calculated distance, by using the printed film to help position it. The Tacker system is particularly suitable for large areas and irregularly-shaped rooms. The tiles are easy to cut to the required shape. The plastic clips allow the pipe to be assembled rapidly, particularly if they are used with a specially-designed stapler (Tackerboy). If injected insulation (PUR) is used, an uninsulated film with pre-printed grid can be supplied.


1. Structural concrete
2. Sealing screed with service conduits
3. Pre-insulated Tacker tile or PUR insulation + gridded film
4. BioPex or BetaSKIN pipe 16 x 2 mm, 18 x 2 mm or 20 x 2 mm
5. Clips (stapled)
6. Edge insulation
7. Finishing screed (conventional or anhydrite)
8. Flooring (strip wood, tiles, polyconcrete, etc.)

Benefits of Tacker systems

  • Tacker can be applied in almost all situations
  • The profiled clips can  be used with all pipe diameters in the COMAP range
  • The pipe can be laid with the exact spacing calculated by the COMAP design office
  • The moisture barrier is marked with a grid, making it easier lay the pipe correctly