Rail systems

Biofloor Rail systems

Rail is a simple but very flexible and rapid system, suitable for a great many projects and multiple uses, including wall heating and renovation.
The pipes are fixed in U-shaped profiles. They are therefore placed without restriction in all possible orientations, the rail ensuring pipes are laid spaced at 5, 10, 15 cm, etc. The rail into which the pipe is compressed is fixed to the moisture barrier using adhesive tape, with no risk of damaging it. The rail can be shortened as necessary and laid freely, making it easy to create any pipe layout.

1. Structural concrete
2. Sealing screed with service conduits
3. Insulation as per standard
4. Moisture barrier or gridded film
5. Fixing rail
6. BioPex or MultiSKIN pipe 16 x 2 mm, 18 x 2 mm
or 20 x 2 mm
7. Edge insulation
8. Finishing screed (conventional or anhydrite)
9. Flooring (strip wood, tiles, polyconcrete, etc.)

Benefits of Rail systems

  • The simplicity, flexibility and speed of the Rail system suits a wide range of projects and applications, particularly wall heating and renovation
  • Pipes of different diameters are always spaced at 5 cm and they can be installed in any direction
  • The moisture barrier will never be damaged, because the rail that holds the pipe is attached using a self-adhesive strip
  • The rail can be laid freely and in the required lengths, making it easily possible to create any planned fitting layout