Plus block system

Biofloor Plus block system

The Plus block system is a very frequently used underfloor heating system with superior thermal insulation. The block structure incorporated in the floor tile allows the pipe to be laid quickly and efficiently without requiring tools. Its lightweight modular construction provides the required spacing of 5, 10, 15 cm, etc. This system is available in three thicknesses. One person can lay the tiles because they are light and made in easily-handled sizes. This system is also suitable for thin floor designs and for heated walls, in both new constructions and renovation projects. 

1. Structural concrete
2. Sealing screed with service conduits
3. Insulation as per standard
4. Tile system with or without insulation as per plan
5. BioPex or BetaSKIN pipe 16 x 2 mm
6. Edge insulation
7. Finishing screed (conventional or anhydrite)
8. Flooring (strip wood, tiles, polyconcrete, etc.)

Benefits of Plus block systems

  • The system is suitable for nearly all situations
  • The film that stabilises the blocks is a covering and the tile is available in different thickness of polystyrene PS30 insulation (withstands high short-term loads and provides good insulating power)
  • The moisture barrier provides a good covering between the tiles, so they do not require additional moisture protection and the screed can therefore be poured directly over them
  • The tiles provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • They can laid easily and quickly by one person with minimal cutting losses