Grid systems

Biofloor Grid systems

This system is very multi-purpose and is particularly suited to new constructions, renovations, industrial projects and activation of concrete pillars, etc. The Grid trellis system is multi-functional because it is so thin. The synthetic film is placed on the floor, with or without insulation, as a moisture barrier. Grids are laid on it, connected together by joining threads or fixed using plastic clips. The trellis can be laid over small differences in level and two types of fastening hold the trellis firmly in place without having to pierce the moisture barrier. The Grid system can be used to adapt the insulation, moisture barrier and diameter of the pipe to suit practically any situation. It can also be used for large or irregularly-shaped areas.

1. Structural concrete
2. Sealing screed with service conduits
3. Insulation as per standard
4. Moisture barrier or gridded film
5. Trellis
6. Pipe clips
7. BioPex or MultiSKIN pipe 16 x 2 mm
18 x 2 mm or 20 x 2 mm
8. Edge insulation
9. Heating screed (conventional or anhydrite)
10. Flooring (strip wood, tiles, polyconcrete, etc.)

Benefits of Grid systems

  • The Grid system can be applied in nearly all situations
  • It can be laid with any spacing and there is no restriction on the direction in which pipes are laid
  • The trellis compensates for small level differences in the floor surface and clips hold the pipes firmly in place without piercing the moisture barrier