Insulating panels and systems

Our range of insulating panels is suitable for all types of projects, offering you maximum performance and ease of installation.

The accessories on offer guarantee high-quality installation and meet most technical constraints.

The DRY system is especially recommended for renovation or timber frame constructions as it is thinner and lighter.


  Type Exemples OF application Isolation EASY TO USE
Plus Studded slab

Single house

Thermic + +
Acoustic +
Protected tube
Single person
No vapor barrier
Tacker Cleats Collective housing
Not included x Grid film
Stapling tool
Dry Thin slab Renovation
Low thickness
Dry construction (wood)
Thermic + Light panels and small dimansions
No cope
Grid Grille/Treillis Industry
Shopping center
Activated concrete
Not included x  
Rail Rails Gym
Cultural space
Not included x Adhesive rails

COMAP offers the following solutions: