Radiant systems


COMAP underfloor heating and cooling systems comprise a set of products and services to:

  • Respond to all construction or renovation projects, whatever the scale of the product.
  • Ensure maximum comfort for occupants while ensuring superior energy efficiency.
  • Contribute to rapid installation by meeting the specific requirements of each building.

COMAP systems meet the expectations of professionals and end users for comfort and energy efficiency:

  • The COMAP design office can support projects by helping to define the system and optimum sizing of each underfloor heating installation.
  • In addition to this support, installers have equipment that is simple to install and very reliable. 
  • Clients demand individual solutions that are easy to use, economical, well-designed and durable.

5 good reasons for choosing COMAP systems:

1. A well-known brand

As a European manufacturer, COMAP has over 50 years of experience in the field of underfloor or wall heating.

2. A design office at your side

With the largest design office for underfloor heating in Belgium, COMAP has all the expertise needed to meet the greatest challenges. For each order associated with a project, the design office can provide, free of charge, a complete fitting plan ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency of your building.

3. Complete technical support resources

COMAP technical teams are available to select the Most appropriate system and to help with installation.

4. A very complete range of solutions

The enormous choice offered by the COMAP range meets all needs, for all applications, as much for low power installations as for large underfloor heating systems.

5. A 10 year guarantee

The complete system is covered by a 10 year guarantee.