Venturi series static balancing valves


Venturi balancing valve

Venturi static balancing valves are fixed-orifice static (or manual) balancing valves, used in heating and cooling systems. They create uniform flow distribution. 

Venturi static balancing valve benefits

Excellent performance

  • Very wide product range (DN 15 – 600).
  • Consistent, precise measuring with 3% tolerance.
  • Constant value (Kvm) marked on the valve.
  • Simultaneous measurement and regulating.
  • No change to settings when the valve is open.
  • Simple isolation with one quarter-turn of the valve (depending on model).
  • Easy to see whether the valve is in open or closed position.

Save time and money

  • Quick and easy adjustment with an Allen key.
  • Control range is precise and easy to read.
  • Quick and easy isolation.
  • Isolation is possible before bringing the system on-line.

Venturi static balancing valve applications

Venturi static valves are suited for the following applications:

Heating systems
Cold water