Manifolds for sanitary and heating


push manifolds integrated isolating machanism 2 males outlets with 35 mm interaxis
  • Manifolds enable parallel supply to all demand points, which enables automatic balancing in the system, both for hot and cold water.
  • Modular manifolds with 2, 3 and 4 outlets allow for all types of system configuration. For more than four outlets, connecting two or more modules enables the construction of the ideal manifold, on demand.
  • For more than six outlets, using 1" manifolds minimises pressure drop.
  • Manifolds are made of stamped brass, in COMAP factories.

    Bar manifold

    Push manifold

    Stamped manifold


Manifold benefits

  • The automatic balancing that manifolds create minimises pressure drop.
  • Manifolds are designed to be used with most SkinPress, PexPress and compression systems (829, 839, 825 and 835 ranges).

Manifold applications

COMAP manifolds are suitable for all sanitary and heating installations.
They can be used both for new construction and for renovations.