Push-fit fitting

Push fittings are the latest generation of fittings designed for professionals. These fittings can be installed with complete safety, connecting all copper, PEX and PB pipes quickly and easily.

COMAP push fittings require no special tools, welding or adhesive. No investment in additional equipment is required.

The COMAP push fittings are suitable for heating or hot water systems, depending on the material (copper, steel, PEX or PB). The range is ideal for collective housing.

Push fitting benefits

  • Reliability: push fittings represent one of the safest connection technologies on the market, with excellent tensile strength.
  • Nylon protection ring: no risk of damaging the O-ring.
  • Speed: installation is twice as fast compared to traditional fittings. Furthermore, besides the benefit of not having to clean up after installation, connection is twice as fast as traditional technologies, meaning professionals save time and money on the worksite.
  • Safety: no risk of burning or smoke.
  • Practical: fitting requires no tools, special equipment or consumables (no adhesives, torches or threading).

COMAP push fitting advantages

  • COMAP push-fit range has no direct equivalent on the market. The unique design saves on space (30% more compact) and helps to greatly reduce pressure losses.
  • The reliability of push-fit technology has been proven over twenty years in numerous construction projects around the world.
  • Highly versatile, COMAP fittings are ideal for mixed installations (primary network with press fittings / push fittings for seconday network) and for complete construction projects, for example in collective housing.
  • The range for carbon steel pipes (non-demountable) is exclusive to the market. It is also available in large diameters (up to 54).