Press technology

Press technology (or crimping) is a method for assembling pipes and fittings by crushing and deforming these two elements to bind them, by means of a crimping tool.

Press technology is suitable for all applications, in both new build and renovation, as long as the material to be press-fitted is suitable. COMAP offers a press-fitting range for each material on the market: multilayer, PEX and copper.

Press-fitting benefits

  • Reliability: press technology (or crimping) is one of the safest technologies on the market.
  • Speed: a press-fit connection can be made in under 7 seconds This saves time and money for the installer.
  • Safety: no risk of burning or smoke.

COMAP press technology benefits

  • All of COMAP's press-fitting ranges are manufactured in our European factories, in France, Belgium and Italy, all of which are ISO 9001 certified (ISO 14001 for certain factories). Thanks to our expertise in materials and design, you can be confident that you're working with completely dependable products.
  • Quick checks: the Visu-Control ring indicates that the fitting has been crimped correctly. The products are colour-coded for each application. Once the fitting has been crimped the ring becomes deformed and can be removed. This means that no connections can be missed.
  • A complete range: COMAP offers a press-fitting range for every material: PEX, multilayer and copper.