Multilayer Press Fittings - MultiSkin


The MultiSkin fittings system for multilayer pipe combines all the qualities of plastic and metal solutions.

  • A range of metal fittings from 14 to 75 mm in diameter - up to 63 mm for the synthetic range.
  • MultiSkin press fittings are compatible with TH, H and U profiles.
  • Immediate verification of proper crimping with the Visu-Control ring.
  • EPDM superior quality O-rings.


  1. Removable Visu-control® ring guaranteeing a well positioned tool (TH profile) and visual and tactile indicator for crimping
  2. EPDM O-ring with the not crimped, not sealed function
  3. Viewing window to guarantee that the pipe is inserted properly
  4. Quality materials: CW617N brass body for metal fittings or PPSU for synthetic fittings
  5. Stainless steel casing providing significant resistance against corrosion
  6. Tin plating fittings good aesthetics and avoids corrosion in built-in installations
  7. Multiprofile because crimp fittings are compatible with TH, H and U profiles and with most tool brands
  8. Improved hydraulics, lowers pressure losses
  9. Shoulder against the body protects the O-ring during pipe insertion
  10. Protective cap protects fittings during transport and protects O-rings from impurities
  11. Laser marking is the guarantee of legible and indelible information for product traceability



  • Press connections can be done in seven seconds and this type of connection avoids the risks associated with welding.
  • MultiSkin press fittings are compatible with TH, H and U profiles, and therefore with different tooling brands.
  • Improved hydraulics with a reduction of pressure losses of 17% on average compared to former products.


  • Removable Visu-Control®  ring, allowing visual and tactile control of a crimp.
  • The "not crimped, not sealed" technology: if not crimped, the fitting allows water to pass during the pressure test.
  • Protective cap to prevent impurities from penetrating.


MultiSkin press fittings are designed for the following applications:

    SkinPress Water
Drinking water
Sanitary hot water
Hot water networks
Under-floor heating and cooling
Chilled water
Solar heating
District heating
Water vapour
Process water
Dry compressed air (oil < 25mg/m3)
Lubricated compressed air (oil > 25mg/m3)


Compatible applications (stay within temperature and pressure limits)

Incompatible applications

For more details on the temperature and pressure ranges for these applications, please refer to the product sheet for this group of products.

MultiSkin fittings should be used only with COMAP MultiSkin 4 or MultiSkin 2 pipe.