Aalberts Industries N.V.

Aalberts Industries N.V.

The Aalberts Industries Group, created in 1975 and listed on the stock exchange (Amsterdam) since March 1987, is a world renowned specialist in industrial systems and processes. Renowned for its high-tech solutions, the group is divided into two divisions.

Industrial Services

The companies in this division design and implement systems and processes for high-tech industries, offering end-to-end one-stop shop solutions. They are active in a wide range of sectors: oil and gas, automotive, medical, machine construction, aerospace, renewable energy, etc. and boast four areas of expertise:

  • Surface treatment and heat treatment
  • Aluminium extrusion, mechatronics, lost wax casting, forming, precision mechanical parts
  • Precision stamping
  • Semiconductors and LED

To learn more about the activities and companies of the Aalberts Industries Industrial Services division, visit the website www.aiis-group.nl

Flow Control

The Flow Control division – which includes the COMAP Group – develops, manufactures and assembles products and systems for the distribution and control of liquids and gas. The companies in this division are active in construction, utilities and several industrial segments, such as energy distribution networks, irrigation, beverages, etc.

Flow Control is organised around its production sites, which are situated as close to its markets as possible (northern Europe, Germany, southern Europe, UK, US). It has three areas of expertise: building installations, gas & oil and climate control. The companies in this division work closely together, with shared sales platforms and cross-production and intercompany sales policies.

Flow Control companies include: Broen (Denmark), Clesse (France), Comap (France), Henco (Netherlands), Lasco (US), Meibes (Germany), Pegler-Yorkshire (UK), Seppelfricke (Germany), Simplex (Germany), Standard Hidraulica (Spain), VSH (Netherlands), etc.