Vario series static balancing valves


Vario manual balancing valve

Ballorex Vario static balancing valves are balancing valves for the adjustment of heating and cooling systems. Adjustment ensures uniform flow distribution. 

Ballorex Vario static balancing valve benefits

Excellent performance

  • One of the most precise variable-orifice products on the market
  • Measurement, preset, and isolation function.

Save time and money

  • Compact design for installations in small spaces.
  • Fluid circulation in both directions.
  • Pre-setting is simple and quick, performed with an Allen key.
  • Control range is precise and easy to read.

Ballorex Vario static balancing valve applications

Ballorex Vario static valves are suited for the following applications:

Heating systems
Cold water
Heated and cooled flooring